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Coqui frees speech technology, bringing research into reality


Coqui is dedicated to open speech technology and to serving as the hub where speech researchers, developers, and practitioners congregate.

Our projects include deep learning based STT and TTS engines, a job scheduler and there is more to come.

Our Story

In 2016 while at Mozilla the founders of Coqui noticed that speech technology was siloed in large corporations, leaving the open source world out in the cold. To remedy the situation we decided to take action!

Over the intervening years we built open sourced STT and TTS engines which have been used by hundreds of thousands of people. Also, we kicked off projects open sourcing thousands of hours of speech training data. A vital, knowledgeable, and supportive community joined the cause and accelerated progress exponentially.

Now we're building these projects at Coqui, an organisation dedicated to continued support of these open source efforts and the community gathered around them.

Our Name

We often have people ask us what's the story behind our company name and how to pronounce it. Coqui comes from the Spanish "coquí", and it's pronounced like "ko-kee". The coquí is a species of tree frog native to Puerto Rico, and is considered an unofficial symbol of the island. The coquí is also found in other tropical locations such as Florida, Hawaii, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and the Virgin Islands.

We drew inspiration from the coquí because the frog is well-known for being small but having a loud, clear voice. These characteristics make the coquí nearly invisible, but easy to hear — just like the technology we are working on.